Delinquency - Fourteenth Judicial District Bar Dues Only 

Members are past due as of the date on their printed invoice, which is typically mailed in early August. Most active members have a due date of November 15, 2017. Any payment postmarked by Monday November 21 will be posted without a service charge. Payments sent or made online after November 21 should include the $15 service charge. 


Fourteenth Judicial District Bar Paid Roster as of 11-13-17


Durham County Bar Association Paid Roster as of 11-13-17


Before a member is reported to the NC State Bar as delinquent, that member will receive multiple email reminders followed by a two-year bill for the subsequent fiscal year. That two-year bill is essentially a final notice. Those who remain unpaid or unresolved are then reported to the NC State Bar. The NCSB typically issues a Notice to Show Cause to each individual who remains over one year past due in the payment of their local Judicial District Bar dues. 


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